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Advantages of natural wood furniture

There are a number of advantages that distinguish furniture made of natural wood.


Indeed, in this century, the environmental friendliness of furniture can be considered a serious advantage. And the safety of wooden pieces of furniture is confirmed by the long history of their use. For example, the same cannot be said of particleboard and many other materials. Natural wood, on the contrary, is environmentally friendly: this means that it is free of harmful substances that can negatively affect human health (e.g., formaldehyde).


Some of the advantages of such furniture are associated with dental hygienist online course canada price and its performance characteristics. Thus, solid wood furniture is much stronger than that of composite materials (chipboard, fiberboard and MDF). Accordingly, the service life of such products is much longer. In addition, the furniture industry uses wood, which is the most resistant to high humidity and is not prone to rot. Therefore, natural wood products are resistant and durable, and with proper care maintain their presentable look throughout their entire life.


One of the most obvious pluses of the material in question is its individuality. Solid wood furniture is decorated with a unique natural pattern of annual rings. And unlike other patterns, this finish will never go out of style. Furniture made of natural wood in the design of apartments is considered a classic. Equally important is the fact that the wood is perfectly combined with other materials and can fit seamlessly into the most fashionable interior.

Natural wood furniture


Natural wood is a special material created by nature itself. It is believed that each species has its own energy, which affects the person. There are three categories depending on how they affect the physical and mental state of people:

donor trees (oak, beech, pine, acacia, birch, maple, rowan);

vampire trees (aspen, poplar, chestnut, willow, spruce, bird cherry); neutral trees (most of the rest). Neutral varieties of wood have practically no effect on human well-being. Donor trees share their energy and are able to maintain vitality. As for vampire species, being around them can have a negative impact on health. If there is furniture made of such wood in the house, do not be surprised if you feel a sudden collapse of strength or malaise.

Natural wood furniture

To decorate the apartment, it is better to buy furniture made of donor trees. Most often such species as oak, beech and pine are used. In this case, the first - a record-holder for the positive impact on humans. Thanks to contact with oak, people become more energetic, noting an improvement in mental and physical activity. And this is not surprising, because the results of studies show that a walk in such a forest normalizes the heart and calms the nervous system.

Other species have their own medicinal properties. Beech, for example, has long been considered a symbol of strength and vigor. It energizes and inspires to new achievements. Pine, in turn, is a kind of antidepressant. It helps to fight negative thoughts, sadness and doubts, thereby contributing to mental balance. Pine energy normalizes metabolism and alleviates respiratory diseases.










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