Custom coffered ceilings - a modern solution for your home

As is well known, everything new is well forgotten old. That is why the coffered ceilings, although their name seems modern, in fact they have been known since the Antiquity. Today you can find a wide variety of options for coffered ceilings, including very high-quality imitations. In fact, coffered ceilings are a combination of supporting structures, usually wooden beams, and a decorative finish. Coffered ceilings made of solid precious wood look especially spectacular - with the right lighting and interior design, such a ceiling makes a lasting impression. In this article, we will talk in more detail about the features of wooden caissons, the technology of their manufacture and the rules of choice.

Wood coffered ceiling - the advantages of using it in the interior

Classic coffered structures first of all performed practical tasks to ensure sufficient strength and reliability of the interfloor ceilings and already in the second role provided the necessary aesthetic effect. Today, as a rule, caissons are installed in the finished room, serving only a decorative function. This allows you to emphasize the exclusivity of design, because each species of wood has a unique texture, color and pattern.

Oak, walnut, cherry, beech, ash and other precious woods, including exotic ones, can be used as a base for creating coffered ceilings. As for the other advantages of coffered ceilings, we should highlight:

Durability. With proper processing and proper care, caissons are capable of serving for decades.

Eco-friendliness. Wood is one of the safest building materials, which is absolutely harmless to human health.

Aesthetics. The very construction of the coffered ceilings and the use of wood as a base provides almost unlimited possibilities for the most courageous and original design ideas.

Presentable. The coffered ceiling blends seamlessly with the furniture and decorative elements of the room, which are made in classic style. Such constructions allow you to achieve the integrity of design.

Ease of installation. The installation of the caissons does not require preliminary preparation of the surface, which allows you to hide any defects in the ceiling and the passing communications.

Universality. The range of precious woods which can be used to make the caisson ceilings is impressive by itself. In this case, to create caissons, you can also use MDF with a natural veneer coating, and other materials.

The use of coffered ceilings allows you to significantly improve sound insulation, while at the same time providing excellent acoustics in the room. The only disadvantage of coffered ceilings is their rather high height which "eats up" the height of the room. But since the caissons are chosen for rooms with a non-standard ceiling height, this drawback loses its relevance.

The optimal height of the ceiling for the use of caissons is at least 2.8 m. This allows you to achieve the right perception of space, especially when the ceiling design is coordinated with the overall style of decoration of the room. In general, caissons are an original choice for the decoration of any room, especially if such a ceiling is made to order according to an individual project.

How the price of a custom-made wooden coffered ceiling is formed

The cost of coffered ceilings is influenced by a number of factors. First of all, it concerns the choice of design: the simplest involves only the use of a beam grid, while the classic design requires the installation of beams of solid timber, as well as panels between them. It is also important to consider the total area of the room and, consequently, the ceiling, the choice of material, the technology of assembly and the option of finishing:

- Stained glass inserts made of expensive and impact-resistant glass;

- artistic woodcarving;

- hand-painted and plaster molding;

- inlays of metal, stone and other materials;

- built-in lighting of the entire structure or separate units.

To create a premium quality coffered ceilings and improve their aesthetic qualities, slabs and joists can be coated with oil, enamel or varnish, or polished to a high gloss finish. Patination, brushing, gold or silver gilding are also often used in decoration. The choice of the final variant of decoration depends only on the individual preferences of the customer.

Manufacturing of the coffered ceilings and nuances of installation

A solid wood coffered ceiling is a rather complicated construction, so its creation begins with taking measurements and drawing up a technical task. This is the first stage, which allows you to determine the total amount of work and the concept of design. At the next stage, the design project of the ceiling is developed: for this purpose, professional designers are involved, and every detail is agreed with the customer.

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