Wine cabinet made of wood

If there is no possibility to store wine in the cellar, a wine cabinet is an excellent choice for storage. Our company - Plata - manufactures wine cabinets according to individual projects, using natural wood of valuable species. We develop projects of the most complex configuration, taking into account the chosen style in the interior and the wishes of the customer.

Wine cabinet modifications

Wine cabinets can be installed in both country houses and restaurants. Depending on their application, they differ not only in appearance (shape, in particular), but also in capacity and functionality. Our company manufactures wine cabinets of various modifications. They differ:

by configuration - recessed in the niche / under the table top and freestanding;

form - with lockable door or completely open shelves;

By capacity - small-sized (designed for a small number of bottles) and high-capacity (can be installed in restaurants).

What materials are used

Shelves in cabinets for storing expensive wine are made of precious species of natural wood. The key is not so much the prestige of the natural wood, but rather the requirement to maintain a certain level of humidity. If the requirement of high humidity is not met, the corks in the bottles dry out quickly. Many manufacturers make shelves of chrome-plated steel or plastic. When storing expensive wines, this should be avoided, as the condensation that forms on the surface of the bottles destroys the label.

For this reason, only hard wood is used for making wine cabinets. We work with oak, maple, ash, and beech, and have thoroughly studied the specifics of each species. Thanks to this, we guarantee excellent quality and durability of each product to each client. Our specialists will help you to decide on the material for the cabinet and offer possible options for decoration.

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