A beautiful wine cellar in your own home - creating the perfect room for wine storage

Many owners of private houses and country cottages dream of having their own wine cellar in which to store and age the noble beverage. The same applies to many cafes, restaurants and wine shops, for which it is important to provide the right conditions for storing wine so that it does not lose its flavor qualities, as well as the opportunity to conduct a tasting of the matured drink. That is why in this article we will talk about how to organize a private wine cellar, what you need to pay attention to when designing, finishing and decorating it. Let's get started.

Wine cellar in a private home - how to choose the right room

Today, almost everyone can arrange their own wine cellar for wine storage. To do this, first of all, you need to choose a room where you can create the right conditions to maintain the right temperature, humidity and other indicators. The ideal place for arrangement of the wine storage is considered to be the basement, located below the level of the main living and household rooms.

If there is no such a possibility or there was no basement in the house project, the cellar is installed in the room where there is no penetration of sunlight and it is possible to ensure ideal climatic conditions. With regard to dimensions, the minimum area of the cellar is 10 square meters - this allows you to install racks or shelves for storing wine so that the bottles do not interfere with each other and leave room for passage.

What you need to consider when creating a wine cellar project

Unlike many other alcoholic beverages, wine is notable for its sensitivity to external factors. For example, fluctuations in temperature can cause a wine to lose its unique flavor, specific to its varietal or harvest year. Also violations of storage technology affects the taste qualities, which can change quite noticeably. Therefore, designing a chic custom wine cellar requires taking into account several factors:

Air humidity. Plays an important role in the storage of wine. The ideal values should be between 65-70%. Exceeding this figure can lead to the development of mold on the corks, which poses a threat to human health.

Temperature setting. Wine requires a constant temperature between 10 and 14 degrees Celsius. These are optimal values, best suited to both young beverage that is just beginning to mature and varieties with years or decades of aging.

Lighting levels. Direct sunlight also has a negative impact on wine quality. The ultra-violet light not only affects the taste, but also causes the wine to gradually deteriorate, which is why the storage room must be completely shielded from sunlight. As for artificial lighting, the light should be as soft and muted as possible.

Isolation. Wine is sensitive not only to temperature, humidity and lighting levels, but also to any vibrations and loud sounds. For this reason, the best sound and thermal insulation materials are used in the cellar, most often giving preference to hardwoods and even natural stone.

As for the interior, the ideal choice is to use wood for the wine racks and shelves and stone for the walls and floor. This option has not only excellent aesthetic qualities, but also makes it possible to create the right climatic conditions for proper wine storage. Both stone and solid wood are characterized by a striking variety of textures and available colors, even before special coatings are applied. This allows you to create an elite wine cellar in any style, including representative classical, strict loft and modern, as well as elegant and impressive refinement of details art deco.

Wine racking in wood and other wine cellar fittings

The design of the space for wine storage is impossible to imagine without the right choice of furniture and special equipment. Wine cellar shelves not only help to create the appropriate entourage, but also provide easy access to bottles of wine, allowing the competent sorting of the drink depending on the specific collection, variety or year of the grape harvest. For wine storage are also used special wine racks, which are made to order taking into account the peculiarities of the design-project of the cellar, style of decoration, area of the room and preferences of the customer.

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