Kitchen furniture made of natural wood

Usually by the words "kitchen made of wood" is meant that only the outer walls of the furniture are made of solid wood. The frame, as a rule, is made of MDF, chipboard or plywood.

There are a few disadvantages that have kitchen furniture made of natural wood.

Under the influence of ultraviolet light, facades can change color over time.

Natural materials are sensitive to changes in temperature and high humidity. If the conditions of use are violated, wooden furniture can dry out and crack. To prevent this from happening, you need to keep the humidity at 60-75% at all times of the year. You may need a humidifier for this purpose. Also, the kitchen should be equipped with a powerful cooker hood, which should be turned on during cooking. Wooden fronts require care and regular maintenance: you need to sand the damaged areas and lubricate the furniture with a water-repellent compound.

Solid wood kitchens are more expensive than MDF products.

Wooden doors are standard size and shape and cannot be rounded.

Solid wood furniture

Hardwood furniture lasts the longest. These can be sets with fronts made of oak, ash, walnut, beech, cherry, acacia and tulip (tulip tree). The listed species of wood are record-breakers in terms of durability and resistance to negative influences.

Products made of oak are considered to be the benchmark in furniture production. For this wood is firmly entrenched reputation as an elite material. It features an unusual pattern and a variety of colors: from light yellow to dark red, including pinkish and greenish hues. In addition, oak is one of the hardest and most durable types of wood.

Natural wood furniture

Ash is no less valued: this species is also characterized by high strength, has a noticeable relief and several varieties of colors.

The top three for durability is rounded out by beech. This wood is a bit lighter, which allows you to paint furniture made of it in different colors.

Cherry wood is not as durable as oak or ash. This species has a unique reddish hue and a unique texture. Unfortunately, often instead of "solid cherry kitchen" the customer receives a product with a front of MDF and cherry veneer, the frame of which is made, for example, of alder.

Cheaper furniture is made of materials such as pine, spruce, birch and alder, as they are more common in our country. However, these species of wood are soft and easily damaged by accidental bumps. Also, the facades of this kind of wood do not have a pronounced relief: they are almost smooth.

When looking for a garniture made of pine, make a choice in favor of facades made of laminated panels, which are more durable.

Kitchen furniture made of wood is treated with coatings of different visibility: from transparent to completely opaque.

When using a transparent coating, natural wood furniture retains its natural texture. In this case, we are talking about stain tinting and protection.

Lacquer is a practical and durable option. Furniture treated with it is protected from dirt, does not absorb odors and moisture. The lacquer can be matte or glossy, and there is also a kind that is made on the basis of polyurethane or water (the first option is more preferable). The service life of the lacquer coating is from 5 to 7 years; then it requires restoration.

Wax or water-repellent oil is the traditional method of treating wooden products. Such a coating provides a very attractive surface. However, when these products are used, the wood is less protected: odors, moisture and grease permeate through them.

Natural wood furniture

Colors of fronts with natural wood patterns are divided into several color types: red-brown, dark brown, light and whitened.

If we talk about opaque coatings, here we use colored enamel. After it is applied, the furniture completely changes its palette. The relief may remain to a greater or lesser extent, depending on its severity.

Kitchen set made of natural wood can be painted in any color. The usual solution is calm, neutral shades such as white or beige. Also the color can be chosen according to the style (for example, for Provence and country is characterized by a gentle blue).

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