A few words about furniture made of precious wood

Exquisite and unique items of interior, as well as any beautiful and luxurious things, are an indicator of the social status of their owners, showing their сервис готовой еды impeccable taste and sense of style. This statement is true for exclusive solid wood furniture. Exclusive solid wood interiors, hand finishing furniture objects at all times have been an indicator of prosperity and a symbol of the owners' financial status.

High-value wood furniture

Valuable types of wood include species of trees with high density, not less than 500 kg/cubic meter. This density have both growing in the territory of Russia and exotic species of trees:










Furniture made of solid wood of these varieties has different density and hardness, texture features. Interior designer is also guided by the shades of wood of different species, choosing gray-beige oak, pink beech, reddish Karelian birch, red rosewood, light red cherry, light pink maple, etc.

Light textures are good for children's room and bedroom, warm yellow and pinkish for living and dining room, noble gray-brown or reddish tones for library, study, billiard room. With any choice the interior of precious wood will be unique, and exclusivity is the hallmark of elite things.

furniture of valuable wood species

Despite the difference in the characteristics of precious wood in terms of density, hardness, unique structures and textures, furniture made of these types of wood has some common properties:

absolute environmental friendliness of natural material, emitting useful substances into the atmosphere even after

treatment (essential oils, phytoncides, tannins);

resistance to deformation from moisture, steam, temperature fluctuations;

resistance to mechanical stress;

resistance to mold, rot, bugs;

high repairability of products - even significant chips can be restored;


luxury aesthetics, exclusive textures of each product.

The hardest species of domestic wood is oak. Despite the high density and hardness, solid wood is perfectly amenable to processing on the machines and hand carving. The natural color of this wood (brownish-greenish) is rarely seen in finished products, since for high-end furniture usually use a near-black shade of stained oak. It looks great in wall panels and furniture sets for offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, libraries, billiard rooms and nightclubs.

Wood species

The more plastic beech with a pinkish shade and a pronounced fine pattern of texture perfectly amenable to manual and mechanical processing, bleaching, and varnishing. Furniture, coffered ceilings, wall panels made of solid beech look luxurious in the living room, dining room, boudoir, bedroom, nursery.

Golden walnut texture with a subtle pattern is indispensable for the unique inlay or veneering of furniture fronts of less valuable species.

Karelian birch has a unique pattern - unique specks of dark brown on a light yellow background. But its scarcity has led to the fact that in the production of furniture mostly veneer is used.

The same applies to solid cherry, which is used to furnish items of less expensive species.

Some exotic varieties of trees, their burls and roots are used for inlay or veneer. Wood of most species, in particular, almost all types of mahogany, which is most available in Russia, have high hardness and density, strength, resistance to deformation, decay and moisture. Ribbon or sporadic inlaid texture of this wood allows you to make it unique in its beauty luxurious furniture sets.

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