Furniture made of natural wood in the nursery

Everything in the children's room should be adapted to the age and height of its owner. For the proper development of the child's spine, it is important that the height of the back and seat of the chair correspond to his proportions. Also, the shelves should be positioned so that he can get all the necessary things. Since children grow very quickly, the most practical option would be transforming furniture made of natural wood: tables with adjustable legs, sliding beds, etc. With such products you will not need to buy something new every year.

Children's furniture made of natural wood should be safe. Look out for models that are treated with water-based varnishes and paints, or not treated at all. The main characteristics of the product can be found in the quality certificate. Do not forget about the desires of the child. So that the environment in the room liked the baby and was comfortable for him, ask his opinion before each purchase. So you will create an atmosphere in which he will be happy to spend time.

Furniture made of natural wood

Furniture for the children's room made of natural wood can be divided into two types, each with its own functional features.

Cabinet furniture. Represents a set, which includes several parts: dresser, closet, desk, etc. The convenience is that some parts can be changed if necessary - for example, to put a coffee table instead of a nightstand. Although the main furniture remains the same, the interior is easy to update, using lighting fixtures, flowers and a variety of accessories.

Modular furniture. Includes tables, chairs, home desks, cabinets, beds. In this case, you can choose several items that you need, and create an individual interior from them. Lockers with a large number of compartments will allow you to conveniently place all the things of the master of the room. It is also possible to adapt the modules to the changing needs of the child. There are several types of furniture made of natural wood, which are divided by purpose:

for sleeping and resting: crib, loft bed;

for eating: table and chair;

for classes: a desk or desk, chair;

to put clothes and other things: closet, chest of drawers, bedside table.

In the nursery must be convertible bed, desk and chair.

Since children love active games and can run even in a small room, the furniture should be as safe as possible. Rounded corners, sturdy fasteners and non-slip legs will help to avoid injury. It is also important that the wooden surfaces were no chips and knots.

When selecting furniture, consider the characteristics of the room and the style in which it is decorated. If the nursery has a small area, refuse a massive set so as not to overload the space. Make sure that the length of the bed corresponds to the child's height. For very young children, it is better to choose products with stoppers, and teenagers usually like loft models.

What should be a wooden table for the nursery? The ideal option - with a rectangular sloping table top. The height of the product should be at the level of the child's elbow when he stands. The chair should be stable, have a high back and support for the feet. It is important to find a model with optimal weight. A chair that is too heavy will be difficult for a child to move and may cause injury; light chairs can be unstable.

Natural wood furniture

Before buying natural wood children's furniture, carefully inspect it for defects, familiarize yourself with the technical specifications and test it.

Why is it worth buying wooden furniture for children's rooms? Such a choice is primarily due to concern for the health of the child. Wood products are not only practical, beautiful and create an aura of comfort - they are also environmentally friendly. And if there are any problems associated with damage to the wooden surface, it is easy to sand and varnish.

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