Wooden joinery is used to add elegance and charm to a room's interior and fits perfectly into the overall

design. Natural wood appeals to the consumer with its beauty and variety of textures. Wooden products are in increasing demand and their relevance is becoming ever more important. Natural wood is used for furniture, windows, doors, stairs and decorative interior objects.

What is needed to assemble a wooden staircase. Wooden stairs in Simferopol:

As a rule, wooden stairs are made from wood such as beech, oak, larch, spruce, pine. The upper surface of the steps should be of the harder varieties - beech, ash or oak. In the manufacture of the wooden construction, the following component parts are needed:

supporting beam or stringer;




The base of the wooden staircase, holding the entire structure is the support beam, otherwise known as the stringer.

Beam is a standard billet, which requires adjustment for a particular staircase. Often it is - a sloping beam on which the steps are mounted. Wooden bowstrings for stairs, you can buy in Simferopol in our store, carries a heavy load. That is why during the manufacture it is glued from a few pieces of wood. Due to this the support becomes durable and is not affected by deformation under the influence of humidity and temperature differences. One supporting bar, located directly on the wall, plays the role of cantilever and the other creates a base for the balustrade.

To give the structure additional rigidity is used podstage. It is a vertical element of a staircase step, which determines its height. The ideal size for the tread is 15 to 18 cm.

Wooden stairs should have a handrail, which serves for the convenience and safety of movement. It consists of a wooden handrail consists of a wooden railing and wooden balusters. Properly secured handrail should be firmly held in the chosen position, adjacent to the supporting pillar. Generally accepted standards assume installation of a handrail at a height of 90 cm from the steps.

Another element of the stairs are wooden balusters, which serve not only protective but also decorative functions. As the railing of the wooden staircase, wooden balusters beautify its construction. The most popular are cylindrical columns decorated with carvings. Very elegant look sculptural balusters made of wood.

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