Decorative wooden carvings and decors made of wood - the best way to diversify the interior

Many designers sometimes approach the interior decoration much more seriously and thoroughly than the process of finishing the room itself. No wonder, because this stage shapes the future appearance of the room, determines the stylistic direction of the space and creates the atmosphere in it.

Recently there is a tendency to increase the popularity of using carved wood products as interior decorations. If you are like hundreds of lucky ones who chose eco-friendliness and beauty of wood, decided to take as a basis in the design for your home wooden decor, then the studio Woodcarving Studio Uhrman the place you need.

We produce high-quality wood decors on modern machines that work almost independently. What is the advantage of this method of production? Technological equipment, unlike humans, can reproduce even small and complex patterns, cut the most unusual designs in the wood and do not damage it at all. In human work errors and some shortcomings are always possible, because it is impossible to be attentive during the whole process of part making, and even more so if there are several such parts, almost identical. The machine precisely follows the set program, creating a magnificent, high quality, durable and beautiful wooden décor.

Attractive and sought-after wood décor

Decorative carving in the interior is not just another option for decorating a room, it is a great way to completely change a space or object. After all, wood decors are used as overlays on furniture and other interior elements. The main reason for the attractiveness of carved skirting boards, overlays, columns, balusters and other wooden elements is the special structure of the material from which they are made. After all, wood has always attracted people and, based on the trends and preferences of modern buyers, we can talk about its popularity for more than a decade, as significant as in the times when wood decors were the main way of decorating the interior.

The way of carving from ancient times to the present day. Our country has been famous for its vast expanses of forest since ancient times. It is wood is the first material from which houses, barns, mills, churches and much more were built. This material is almost universal, it is very accessible, easy to handle and in this regard is so widely used. People have always had a craving to decorate their homes and so began to develop carving.

The oldest method of decoration is a geometric carving of wood. It looks like notches with several faces. It is known that at first the pagan gods were worshipped, and it is with this that the first decorative elements are associated. For example, the drawing of a bird is supposed to bring happiness in the house. The roofs of the houses were gabled, which was a symbol of the movement of the sun across the sky in a day. Using carvings, the sun was depicted, in the very middle, which symbolized noon, it was the largest and most beautifully decorated. Sculptural carving was also very widely used. With the help of this type of carving made idols, also decorated the interior. The greatest development of such carving gets at the time of the flourishing of shipbuilding. During this period the bow of the ship began to be decorated with animal heads, which are not only beautiful, but also have a certain sense. In the 19th and 20th centuries, carving became predominant in the decoration of houses. It looks very light and openwork. It is often applied in several layers, which makes it more elegant. Carvings were used to decorate exterior parts of houses, such as: balconies, porches, doors and windows, staircases. Inside homes, it was also widely used. With its help decorated furniture, household utensils and other things.

Carving not only survived to this day, but also became richer. Its new ways and methods appeared. And now carved decor (wooden décor) is widely used to give interiors a unique and luxurious. With all sorts of decorative overlays and corners decorated furniture. Carved panels are used to decorate doors. Often designers use columns in interiors. And here there is a place for decorative carved elements - the capitals are used. Openwork carved baguettes are an excellent frame for mirrors, for example. In houses where there is a staircase that connects the floors, the carved staircase decor is necessarily used. These are all kinds of elegant balusters, and handrail ends, and support posts. Interiors made of wood always look respectable. Very often they are used in workrooms. Carving (decorative carving) allows you to turn an ordinary piece of wood into a work of art, which will perfectly complement the interior.

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