Natural wood bedroom furniture

When choosing solid wood furniture for the bedroom, use the advice of experts.

If the area of the room is small, give preference to products of small dimensions of light wood and with unobtrusive decor.

For a spacious room, you can choose furniture in darker colors.

Of course, all the furniture should have the same aesthetic with the surrounding interior. In the classical style dark wood, smooth shapes and decorations in the form of carvings are appropriate. In a more modern space will look stylishly compact and functional products.

The key element of bedroom furnishings is the bed. It is the center of the interior, with which the style of other ui ux design online course objects agrees. And natural wood bed is not only comfortable and safe bed, but also the decoration of the room in any style.

With modern styles, such as minimalism, high-tech and loft, will be a good match to the model of curved solid wood with lighting.

Country, or rustic style, is ideal for decorating a country house. In this case, for the bedroom, it is better to choose a product of roughly sanded wood. Similarly, you can decorate the headboard and catwalk.

For a classic interior, take a bed made of dark wood.

Provence, on the contrary, suggests the use of furniture made of light wood, decorated with carvings.

Carved patterns, a high frame and an elegant canopy - this is how to decorate a bed for a room in the Mediterranean style.

Furniture made of natural wood

In addition to the bed, there are other pieces of furniture, without which in the bedroom can not do without. In particular, the room should have a place to store clothes, linens and other necessary things. And here the choice often falls on natural wood furniture - for example, a closet compartment. Among its advantages are practicality, spaciousness and noble appearance. Thanks to the sliding doors, this cabinet does not require additional space.

Natural wood furniture

Sometimes a wooden cabinet with one or more hinged doors is appropriate. Built-in version will fit perfectly into a modern interior: it is stylish, roomy and functional. Such products are often made to order according to the size needed by the customer.

The function of the cabinet can take on the shelving unit - a piece of furniture consisting of several shelves, connected by vertical racks. There are many models of this thing, and they are made for different occasions: with and without a back wall, with a box for the TV, etc. There are recessed versions, which are suitable for small rooms. In addition to storing things, natural wood shelving can perform other tasks. For example, in the size from floor to ceiling, it can act as a partition, thereby dividing the room into zones.

Natural wood furniture

In many styles (for example, in the classic, Provence, country) a mandatory element of the decor are bedside tables. If the area of the room allows, you can buy large spacious products; if the space is limited - give preference to more compact models. Pay attention to the fact that the height of nightstands should coincide with the height of the bed: so it will be more convenient to use. It is equally important that this object corresponds to the general style of the room and harmonize with other furniture.

Another possible option for storing things is a wooden dresser. Thanks to the natural pattern of wood, such a thing perfectly harmonizes with classic and rustic styles. Wooden furniture fronts make the interior more original. In addition, products made of natural materials create a sense of warmth and coziness in the bedroom.

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