Luxury solid wood interior doors - features, design features, selection tips

Elite solid wood interior doors - features, design features, selection tips

As the name suggests, elite interior doors differ from ordinary doors in a number of parameters. It manifests not only in the fine-tuned and refined style of Argile paint the door leaf, but also in the choice of premium materials, the quality of workmanship and the possibility to realize any, the most non-standard design according to an individual project. Especially if we are talking about solid wood design doors made of precious wood - such constructions are highly valued by the customers and can find a place in any interior. Therefore, it is worth discussing their features and advantages in more detail.

Stages of production of wooden interior doors The creation of designer doors as a necessary component of an exclusive interior begins with the elaboration of technical specifications. Elite doors are able to set style to the whole room, successfully zoning the space and express the character, values and preferences of the house owners, because every detail is thoroughly worked out and agreed with the customer. Therefore, after the first communication, discussion of the concept, taking measurements and solving other issues, the designer prepares a few preliminary variants of future doors.

The client himself chooses the option he considers preferable and all further work is done with him. At this stage you can make any adjustments to the design project - the process lasts until the end result fully satisfies the client's idea of the ideal doors for their own home. For more confidence, you can order 3D visualization - this service will help to get a better idea of the door's appearance, as well as its compatibility with the interior.

Making interior wooden doors to order is a complicated process, which requires the use of selected materials and modern equipment, compliance with the technology of production, as well as attracting the best craftsmen who are able to achieve exceptional quality of work. Masters manually select blanks in accordance with the parameters specified in the technical specifications, dry them to the optimal humidity level (usually not more than 8%), and only after that they proceed to the luxury doors production and external finishing.

Solid wood interior doors: material for manufacturing

To create doors of premium quality, solid wood of valuable species is used: oak, maple, ash, walnut, beech and others. It is important that the wood has maximum strength and resistance to environmental factors - this eliminates the deformation of the finished leaf and ensures almost indefinite life. Solid wood is called a board without chips and any flaws: when choosing the wood texture, the originality of the pattern and shade of the material is valued.

As for the choice of species of wood, there is no single right answer. Each species has its own characteristics, which are worth considering in detail:

- Oak. A classic, one of the best options for creating high-end furniture, trim or door panels. Oak stands out because of its exceptional strength, reliability, durability and resistance to warping. The noble and recognizable texture comes in a variety of shades, which also influences the popularity of solid oak.

- Ash. The closest competitor to oak. It also has excellent performance qualities and an extensive range of colors, with ash being a more flexible and easier to process material.

- Beech. Rugged and durable, beech has an original pattern that is characterized by an even distribution over the entire surface area. With proper drying, beech surpasses oak in its strength, but it requires careful compliance with the technological process and the ability to handle the wood of this species.

- Walnut. Durable and reliable, walnut is characterized by its rich color and exquisite grain. The texture of European walnut is almost impossible to confuse with other valuable wood species. Besides, walnut shows excellent humidity resistance; that is why solid walnut doors can be installed in any room.

Solid wood can be one-piece - this elite door is especially appreciated and testifies of the owner's status. Interior wooden doors made of natural wood can also be made of glued solid wood. Solid bars are carefully processed and glued together to form a single structure. This approach makes it possible to obtain a door leaf of any shape and size, which greatly expands the possibilities for design pursuits.

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