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Solid wood living room furniture

Solid wood furniture has a number of features that must be taken into account when selecting suitable models for the interior.

First, these products are very heavy and it is quite difficult to move them. Therefore, it is advisable to determine in advance the place of placement, especially if we are talking about a massive set. Hanging furniture (shelves, kitchen cabinets, etc.) is better to choose from lighter species, such as pine or spruce.

Secondly, the quality of wood can deteriorate due to improper operating conditions. Cold air, frequent temperature fluctuations and high humidity are the main negative factors that can damage the appearance of furniture.

Natural wood furniture

Try to place natural wood furniture away from heating radiators. The proximity of heat can cause the material to dry out and crack.

Wooden furniture is great for a classic living room. However, there is no style in which products made of this material would look out of place. Below we will talk more about how wood combines with different directions.

Classic - a style that never goes out of fashion and is popular with serious people with good taste. Cabinet furniture made of natural wood, inlaid with a veneer of elite species, is the ideal option for such a living room.

Natural wood furniture

Empire and baroque are characterized by elegance and wealth. For them, a white garniture with an abundance of decorative details and gilding is suitable. If we talk about the interior in the style of country or Provence, which imitates a rural home, simplicity and lightness are important here. Often furniture made of wood is specially aged, so that the natural pattern of wood was more noticeable.

Natural wood furniture

Ecostyle and natural materials always go hand in hand, so a refined set of light wood will fit perfectly in the living room, made in this aesthetic. In a minimalist interior, such products will also look appropriate. You can pick up a few laconic items from different, but combined with each other types of wood.

If the room is decorated in the loft style, look for furniture pieces of natural warm colors, with simple geometry and a minimum of decorations.

In today's furniture market you can find a variety of models for the living room. In this case, different products have their own functional features. There is a traditional list of furniture items that are installed in the living room. To understand which one of them suits you better, study their characteristics.

The wall is a very popular element of the living room interior. Although some people consider it a relic of the Soviet past, it is still relevant today. The design of the walls, as a rule, corresponds to the canons of classical style, and the decoration is often a carving. The main advantage of this piece of furniture is roominess. The wall is the best way to store books or service, which is used to receive guests.

Natural wood furniture Choosing a solid wood wall, remember that the color and appearance must match your interior. Also important characteristics are the hardness and moisture resistance of the material.


This type of natural wood furniture is suitable for a spacious living room. The cabinet provides enough space to store a large number of clothes and various household items. Made of precious wood, the product attracts attention and brings nobility to the interior.

Natural wood furniture

For rooms, arranged in the Baroque, Rococo or Empire style, a massive cabinet of natural color with plenty of decor: shaped handles, carvings, gilding is the best fit.


From the point of view of aesthetics is preferable a wooden cabinet with glass doors. Here you can store expensive fine tableware, a collection of elite wines or exclusive souvenirs - things that you want to show to your guests.

Natural wood furniture

Glass inserts allow to demonstrate the contents of the sideboard: exquisite plates, glasses, tea ware. Furniture of this type will only be appropriate for some aesthetic trends.

Important when choosing furniture made of natural wood is its color. The shade of the products should be combined with the palette that is used in the interior. White, beige or cream furniture can visually expand the space.

Dark furniture will be a bright accent if the room has light walls or flooring. A rich, deep color creates an atmosphere of luxury and nobility. The texture of the wood can be different: some varieties are covered with clear annual rings, others are almost monochrome.

Also, when choosing furniture, you should consider the peculiarities of the home microclimate. If the apartment is constantly high humidity, some varieties of wood will do, and the dry air and high temperatures are better able to withstand the other. And of course, do not forget about the purpose of furniture.

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